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We are meeting for the first of our twice yearly gathering as part of the getting back to the original vision of being a Psalm Drummer which as part of that we will be praying, worshipping and using the Psalms to listen to the Lord.

Date: Saturday 14th January 2017
Time: 1pm – 4.30pm


Cottingham Methodist Church,
Corby Road,

If you resonate with the vision and are intending to come please contact us via the website or by Facebook

Psalm Drummer Association

Dear all

It was a wonderful day yesterday at the Gathering and we as the Core Team would like to thank all those that came and shared with us in that time.

as we said, watch this space as we will begin to arrange further gatherings twice yearly with the next one being in January 2017.

for all those that came, please do feedback to us your thoughts and senses for the day.

Peace to you

Terl Bryant

Simon Zacharia

Tim Scarborough

Mike Griffiths

Raul D’ Oliveira

On behalf of The Psalm Drummers Association

There is a new wave of drummers, passionate about Jesus Christ, who have invested in their gifts/skills and who feel a call to come together. We are sensing now is the time to do so.

If ‘being’ a drummer is a significant part of who you are and what you do – and you have a heart for prayer, then please join us to catch God’s vision for Psalm Drummers in September.

Saturday 24 September 2016

St. Peter’s Church, Church End Green, Yateley GU46 7LR

  • Gathering for vision and prayer: 1pm – 4:30pm
  • Social at Dog and Partridge: 5:00pm onwards

  • No charge / but a collection will be received
  • Free parking / Blackwater and Sandhurst nearest stations


We will share the vision for Psalm Drummers with stories and testimonies and pray and worship together with drums and in the scriptures.

If you haven’t already please RSVP to let us know you are coming and please include your current contact details.

In addition if you have a drummer friend who you feel we should invite – please also let us know.


Terl Bryant

Simon Zacharia

Tim Scarborough

Mike Griffiths

Raul D’ Oliveira


On behalf of The Psalm Drummers Association

PS: To unsubscribe just let us know too.


Movement in Worship has been in existence for over 30 years and is based in Brighton, UK. Over the years we have created a MIW network of people who resonate with our vision and ethos to worship God with the whole of who we are, body, mind and soul. You can see more on and on our ‘Movement In Worship” Facebook page.

Over the last 7 years we have enjoyed sharing our journey with a group of friends linked with the Psalm Drummer’s network. Together we have raised the profile of creativity in church and at Christian gatherings. Drumming and movement is a natural partnership and together we have taken our worship outside to intercede in high places and to reach out in mission. This work resonates with the very fabric of who we are and we believe affects the whole of creation for God’s glory.

MIW Rhythm Makers – a new adventure

We would love you to be the first to know about a new stream we have started at MIW called ‘Rhythm Makers’. We want to provide an opportunity for people of all abilities to engage through rhythm in worship and mission as part of our work. MIW Rhythm Makers is an open collective using rhythm, movement, dance, prayer and prophesy in worship. Our aim is to experience the joy and freedom of worshipping God together with all our creativity and skills.

Rhythm Makers is born out of a shared experience with our Psalm Drummer friends and it will be led by Michelle Tennens, Simon Edwards and Yvonne Au who are experienced creative worship facilitators.

In addition, if you have been part of the Psalm Drummer’s open group meeting structure which has now ceased, it is with Terl Bryant’s and the Psalm Drummer core team’s full support that we would like to invite you to explore Rhythm Makers as a new place to connect.

Become part of MIW Rhythm Makers

 Please come and see whether you would like to join this new adventure as part of the MIW collective.

First connection at Essence

 One of the main ways that people can relationally connect in is in attending a week long summer event, which has now been rebadged as ‘Essence’. Its heart is to call the ‘essence’ of people into the presence of God and call the presence of God into the ‘essence’ of people, whether they be Christian or not.

This year we have two ‘Essence’ weeks with dedicated teaching on rhythm in worship, prophetic expression, intercession and mission. So pack your bags and join us in Edinburgh or Colorado, USA. We’d love you to join us for one of these weeks where you will get the understanding of who we are and whether you would like to journey with us.  Please see for more info.

We have other thoughts on how we can develop ‘MIW Rhythm Makers’ but this is just the beginning. The team coming together to start the adventure is Michelle Tennens, Simon Edwards and Yvonne Au. Together they will shape ‘MIW Rhythm Makers’’.  Join us on this new adventure…

To register your interest please email:

Many, many Blessings

Andy Au & Kirsty Hallett

Directors of ‘Movement In Worship’

Dear Subscriber/Psalm Drummer,

People have been meeting under the banner of Psalm Drummers now for more than 20 years. Through it many lives have been significantly touched and we have been privileged to have been involved in numerous events that have impacted the wider church and beyond. Over the last two years we (the core team) have sensed changes coming. In Sept 2015 the Lord brought our founder Terl Bryant back. Since then we have been working together and believe it is time to start gathering again in line with the original vision.

To help clarify what that means we have written this:

  1. A Psalm Drummer is a drummer. Someone who is gifted with a sense of rhythm and who plays drums. They can be identified as ‘being’ a drummer because it’s a significant part of who they are and what they do.
  2. A Psalm Drummer is a  follower of Jesus Christ. Someone who as a believer and a drummer, recognises a prophetic calling to declare in sound, in word and in spirit the things of God.
  3. Psalm Drummers are called to gather at appointed times to drum and intercede as led by the Holy Spirit.

In January 2016, we held a small gathering for people who have remained actively associated with the network. We spent time in prayer and worship and talked about this new chapter. There was a lot of good response.

If the statement above is resonating with you, we would like to invite you to join us at a gathering on 24th September. We will pray for you, worship together (with drums and in the Psalms) and layout the vision in this new phase.

Date: Saturday 24 September 2016

Venue: St. Peter’s Church, Church End Green, Yateley GU46 7LR

Times: 1pm – 4:30pm (with social at local pub after)

Notes: Blackwater and Sandhurst nearest stations / plenty of parking

Please RSVP if you’d like to come and also let us know your current contact details and/or  also if you would like to be removed from the email address list.

Peace to you,

Simon Zacharia

On behalf of The Psalm Drummers Association Trust


The Psalm Drummer Association Trust
Simon Zacharia
Tim Scarborough
Simon Edwards
Mike Griffiths
Raul D’Oliveira
Terl Bryant