A Heart to Drum – equipping the drummer

Equipping the Drummer

A Heart to Drum written by Terl Bryant

A Heart to Drum written by Terl Bryant

There is almost nothing available beyond standard teaching methods for Christian drummers and percussionists to develop a Bible based understanding for their skills. Thirty years ago drums were very rare in any kind of church – nowadays thousands of churches in Britain and beyond have a drummer or percussionist playing in the worship team. A Heart to Drum is a timely resource which aims to bring the drummer/percussionist into a true biblical understanding for their gift.

Terl Bryant writes from a wealth of experience having played professionally in both the Christian and mainstream music industries for many years. He is the founder of ‘Psalm Drummers’ (established 1996), which gathers drummers for events and serves to release believing drummers in their gifts. His credits include touring and recording with John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, Iona, Matt Redman, Faith Hill, the Honeyz, Leslie Garrett, Maddy Prior and many many more. The book cover designs ties in with the succesful Survivor emerge release ‘Psalm Drummers’.

Let’s be abandoned to complete obedience and discover together the groove of eternity. God’s heartbeat! – Terl Bryant


  1. The Bible Drum – Is There Such a Thing?
  2. What the Bible Says About the Drum
  3. Playing with Skill
  4. Role Models and Influences
  5. The Drummer’s Psalm
  6. Being a Psalm Drummer
  7. The Voice of Drums
  8. Personal Preparation and Application
  9. Getting Out There
  10. Practical Insights
  11. Prayer

You can order a copy of A Heart to Drum at the Kingsway website